about the artist 22 300x201 Welcome Bringing together elements of beauty, horror, gothic style, and edge, Blades produces pieces of wearable art tailored to each customer. Each piece is handcrafted, unique, and one-of-a-kind.

Sometimes scary, sometimes gory, sometimes sentimental, and always strikingly beautiful: Blades Artistry brings the art and jewelry of visionary Johnny Blades to loyal clients, new and old.

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Johnny Blades, the man behind Blades Artistry, is an artist whose vision and style are unparalleled.

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Born and raised in Las Vegas, Blades has been creating art in many forms his whole life. After graduating high school at an early age Blades attended art college. From there, he re-located to Los Angeles to work in television.

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Hung on twine or chains, these necklaces make for ideal attention-getting pieces. Choose from many sculpted clay shapes: hearts, heads with various skull shapes, stars, you name it. Have your piece adorned with gems, bone teeth, removable “halos,” crowns, keys, spikes, bolts, or gears. For a truly daring look, consider getting a piece with LED lights worked into it – a design quickly gaining popularity!

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Blades Artistry • Unique Jewelry

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